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Brabus makes SL65 AMG Vanish

2010-04-14 00:40
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Brabus
Model Vanish
Engine 6l V12 turbo
Power 588kW
Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division builds some outlandishly fast cars.

Until the SLS AMG came along, Affalterbach’s swiftest car was the rather mental SL65 AMG Black Series – yes, the one with the fixed roof, despite the SL badging.

With the SLS AMG now on sale, the Black Series SL just isn't top dog anymore, now is it?

What to do if your SL65 Black Series is fading in terms of image appeal? Perhaps it’s time to considering something from AMG’s fiercest competition, Bottrop based Brabus tuning.

This is exactly what some rather well moneyed Dubai based SL65 Black owner did.

Matte finish looks great. Engine mods monumental.

Making the SL65 'Vanish'

The boys from Brabus have just finished off the final touches on a personalised SL65 Black Series for a one very lucky Dubai Merc fan.

This one-off Black Series is called the Vanish, yet it's not a cleaning product. Vanish is quite an apt description for the car though – especially considering its performance.

Curiously, for a car ordered from within the Gulf, the Vanish’s surfacing is not some ridiculous hue of gold or contrasting purple and green. The car gains a simple matte finish with a rather strange bonnet power bulge rounding off the exterior styling upgrades.

SL65 Vanish sports the strangest power dome in all of automotive history.

Too powerful for its own good?

Mechanically the LS65 Black Series transmission has been beefed up to cope with a significant increase in power output.

Thanks to larger turbos, acoustically tuned exhaust plumbing and a reprogrammed ECU module to harmonise its all, the SL65 Vanish boasts a peak power output of 588kW, up appreciably from the standard car’s 492kW.

Considering the stock SL65 Black Series runs a 3.8 second 0-100km/h benchmark sprint time, we can only wonder how many tenths of a second the Vanish can, well, make vanish off the 0-100km/h run.

All things considered it's quite heartening to see a unique high performance conversion delivered to a Middle-Eastern customer which manages to fall within acceptable boundaries of aesthetic taste.


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