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Blown Type-Rs become RS killers

2010-05-19 08:14
Honda engines are amazing.

From outboards to motorcycles, generators to jets – the Japanese company is undoubtedly the world’s greatest engine builder.

Its roadcar portfolio is well known for popularising variable-valve timing and Honda high-performance roadcar engines are a rare treat for the enthusiast – essentially a foil to low-revving contemporary turbocharged alternatives.

There’s always been one small problem with Honda’s very extreme i-VTEC engines though – their relative lack of urge at lower engine speeds.

Torqueing it up

To address this rotational force deficiency issue, British aftermarket tuning concern Torque Development (no really, that is the company's name) now has a three-stage supercharging kit available for the Civic Type-R.

The Torque Development kit employs a supercharger manufactured by American company CT Engineering. The CT blowers are of a screw-type roots design and for the Type-R application run rather gentle boost range of between 0.2- and 0.3-bar in stock form.

Toque Development’s greatest challenge was to configure the CT Engineering blowers for right-hand drive Hondas, as opposed to left-hand drive cars in CT’s domestic American market.

The entry level Torque Development’s Type-R kit see the CT supercharger and a sand cast manifold team up to boost power to by 55kW and swell peak rotational force (the actual goal) to 257Nm at a neat 3 000r/min. The stage one kit’s gains are achieved without any modifications to the engine internals.

Only a slight ECU reprogramming required to harmonise the entire conversion.

If you’re after even more mid-range urge the stage two kit sees boost pressure upped to 0.45bar, whilst larger injectors feed the fuelling regime. A comprehensive ECU remapping raises the rev ceiling to 8 500r/min, with the resulting output gains tallying new peaks of 214kW and 291Nm.

Nuts and bolts of Toque Development's Type-R supercharging kit. The stage two conversion, boasting 214kW and a 8 500r/min rev-limit, would appear the one to go for.

Focus RS levels of power

For those Type-R owners who yearn for an ever greater (however negligible) increase in power the stage three kit takes peak power up to 225kW courtesy of 0.5 bar of boost.

Considering the Torque Development kits ability to make the Type R arrive at corners with a lot more momentum than anticipated, the company unsurprisingly offer a range of chassis and traction enhancement to harmonise performance.

There’s a Wavetrac limited-slip font differential available, reconfigured suspension geometry, an adjustable coil-over damper kit and a set of lowering springs to make your Type R ride even harsher.

All things considered the Torque Development supercharging kits (with their associated optional chassis modifications and traction aids) have the makings of turning the Type R into a junior Focus RS of sorts.

Just a shame the transmission and CV joints are left stock standard…


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