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Blown M3 GT2 S celebrates BMW win

2010-05-28 07:05
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer G-POWER
Model M3 GT2 S
Engine 4l supercharged V8
Power 441kW @ 7 800r/min
Torque 580Nm @ 5 300r/min
Transmission Six-speed manual, seven-speed DCT
Zero To Hundred 4.1 sec
Top Speed 330km/h
Weight 1 496kg
In the sleepy Bavarian town of Autenzell is a curiously named company called G-Power, managed by an even more curiously named individual - Zoran Zeneke.

G-Power, despite its rather unglamorous location and frightfully euphemistic name, can rightfully lay claim to building the world’s fastest BMWs.

Two years ago the company’s G-Power M5 ran a certified 367.4km/h at the Papenburg Oval in German. If you want the fastest BMW around, G-Power is the tuner of choice. Due to the company’s small size, it’s pretty agile too – reacting to market demands rather swiftly.

On 16 May BMW triumphed at the Nurburgring 24 Hours race, the Bavarian company’s first notable motorsport victory in quite some time. Now, less than two weeks later, G-Power has two new M3 clubsport conversions available to celebrate BMW’s ‘Ring victory.

Dream team? G-Power's GT2 S and M3 Tornado CS, two rather excellent clubsport variations on the M3 theme. M-Motorsport Colgate white-red-blue colour scheme never ages.

One for road, the other for track

The two new M3 conversions are dashed out in BMW’s striking white-red-blue livery. One is a roadcar conversion (the M3 Tornado CS), the other a trackday toy (the M3 GT2 S). Both cars feature the same forced induction upgrade courtesy of an ASA T1-522 radial compressor.

To ensure the Tornado CS and GT2 S trim weight and increase road presence in equal proportion, G-Power adds a comprehensive carbon body kit which takes its cue from the car which triumphed at the Nurburgring, BMW’s M3 GT2.

The Tornado CS benefits from a new carbon lip spoiler and aft diffuser, whilst the more dramatic GT2 S gains a rather ornate multi-part bootlid spoiler, new skirts all-round and a new lip spoiler. G-Power claims the respective styling changes are functional, both reducing weight and aiding high speed stability.

To shore up agility, both the clubsport cars benefit from significant suspension adjustability. A coilover kit with bound and rebound adjustable dampers and support bearings, enabling fractional correction of camber and caster angles, should keep even the most pedantic trackday fetishists happy.

Rolling the G-Power clubsport M3s along are 20-inch three-piece Silverstone RS forged alloys. On the Tornado CS roadcar they run 255/30 ZR Michelin Pilot Sport tyres up front and 296/25s at the rear. The more track focused GT2 S runs 245/30 Pilot Sport Cups at the front and 315/25s aft.

Orange engine covers are G-Power's design signature. Power peaks 500r/min earlier than the stock M3, but there's 132kW more of it.

Blown away

Beyond the M-motorsport homage styling kit, trick Michelin tyres and suspension tweaks, these G-Power M3s boast crushing power outputs.

Zoran Zeneke’s team adds an ASA T1-522 radial compressor, dual-flow carbon air intake, voluminous aluminium charge air cooler and a cast aluminium airbox to BMW’s legendary S65 engine, which receives 0.5 bar of boost.

An exquisitely machined titanium exhaust system (worth a 26kg weight saving) and high flow catalytic converters round off the engine upgrades for these G-Power M3 clubsports.

Tally the statistics and the increase in power output is alarming, an entire 132kW, settling a new peak at 441kW.

Peak rotational force swells from 400- to 580Nm. If you are one of those drivers who simply doesn’t tolerate being passed on any straight during a trackday event, G-power says they can bin the catalytic converters, if your environmental conscience allows, and boost the GT2 S all the way to 515kW.

As part of the weight saving regime both G-Power M3s see their production front seats swapped for carbon-shelled buckets, saving 12kg a piece. In the cabin additional leather and alcantara applications in orange, with blue contrast stitching, complete the G-Power M3 clubsport modifications.

G-Power bodykit follows form and function of factory M3 GT2s impeccably. The G-Power is lighter than BMW's M3 GTS by 34kg too, trimmed to just below 1.5t at 1 496kg.

Members of the 300km/h club

In terms of performance the GT2 S is obviously quicker, thanks in small part to its 150kg weight reduction which trims mass to a level below 1.5t, enabling a 0-100km/h benchmark sprint in 4.1 seconds. The Tornado CS is two tenths of a second slower from 0-100km/h with both vehicles topping out at speeds beyond 300km/h, depending on transmission.

With the G-Power clubsport conversion applied to a tri-pedal six-speed M3, top speed equates to 320km/h, with the dual-pedal seven-speed DCT transmission adding an additional 10km/h at the top end.

So, if you did not manage to get onto the original M3 GTS waiting list you can have yourself an M3 GT2 S from G-Power for similar money – around €140 000.


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