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Black and white M5 does 367km/h

2009-11-11 08:43
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model CLR 730 RS
Engine 5l supercharged V10
Power 515kW
Torque 700Nm
Zero To Hundred 4.2 seconds
Top Speed 367km/h
For 25 years you’ve been waiting for BMW to do a dual-tone M5, now haven’t you?

Well, rejoice, for Lumma design has now pandered to demand for a two-tone M5.

Perhaps the most focussed (or is that insane) of all the Swabian tuning consultancies, Lumma has teamed up with legendary BMW supercharging experts G-Power.

The result is Lumma’s CLR 730 RS, perhaps the world’s maddest M5 – ever.

As you can see from the accompanying images it does look rather - well - flamboyant.

If you're a Sharks fan living in Richard's Bay and never want to be late for another Super 14 home-game in Durban, this is the vehicle for you.

Carbon colour matching?

The E60 M5 bonnet, boot, door handles and fenders are all replaced with Lumma’s own carbon issue items.

All the new bits are in finished in black, which contrasts quite strongly with the rest of the CLR 730’s white surfacing.

The aft bumper is framed by a diffuser whilst the new front apron up front sports a higher degree of aerodynamic efficiency too, which reduces front axle lift at speed and increases cooling airflow to the engine bay.

Rounding off the CLR 730 RS exterior aesthetic are 21-inch, three-piece, anodized wheels rolling 255/30 rubber up front and 295/25 Michelins at the rear.

Those 105mm exhausts are big enough to serve as medium range artillery numbers in most artillery battery detachments. Should make a ridiculous sound too...

Bigger brakes - very necessary

The two inch increase in wheel size has allowed Lumma to bin the stock E60 M5 brakes for bigger discs.

Lumma’s 405mm drilled rotors up front are actuated by six-piston callipers whilst 380mm discs at the rear are clamped into action by four-pot callipers.

These Lumma brakes are significantly beefier than BMW’s factory 374/370mm fore/aft rotors.

Beyond the improved decelerative capability new adjustable dampers are fitted at each wheelcorner, enabling a range of bound and rebound adjustment with regards to Lumma M5’s ride and handling.

You can even drop the CLR 730 RS 45mm for serious trackday entertainment.

Characteristic orange covers can only mean G-Power engineering - which takes BMW's redoubtable engineering to ridiculous levels of power.

Compressed V10

Powering the CR 730 RS is a supercharged version of BMW’s S65 V10.

The redoubtable M-division 5l V10 is left untouched in terms of capacity and architecture, yet with its ten pistons being fed by two belt driven ASA T1-313 superchargers (able to volumise airflow by 25%), power figures have gone silly.

With the additional forces the dual superchargers produce, a dualflow water-to-air intercooler ensures the air mixture is as cool and dense as possible.

Exhaust gasses are extracted and expelled via dual 105mm diameter plumbing - we leave it to your imagination to make to make the requisite exhaust note sounds at your desk.

The output numbers with G-Power’s dual superchargers running at peak operational speed are significant. Power peaks at 515kW and rotational force at 700Nm which ensure performance figures which are simply profane.

Top speed rounds off to 367km/h, whist acceleration figures are of the cartoon variety, 0-300km/h in 29.5 seconds for instance.

Don’t for a moment doubt the ability of a G-Power boosted car to actually run those numbers either.

On 12 November last year at the Papenburg high speed oval in Germany G-Power’s own in-house tuned M5 ran a certified 367km/h…

Cabin upgrades are particularly subtle. We expect M5 owners who happen to be Manchester United fans too will be thrilled no end by Lumma's trim colour coordination.

Pointless or poignant?

The exterior styling of Lumma's CLR 730 RS does leave something to be desired. 

We’re not even going to delve into merits of the rabidly mad red and white Manchester United fan club cabin trim with its carbon steering wheel and fascia trim. 

What is the point of it though? 

Well this is the 25 year anniversary of M5. This would make for as good an excuse as any to do some particularly elaborate tuning on BMW's most celebrated performance model, now wouldn't it?

Simply put -  this is an indecently fast E60 M5. 

As such, it shows off all that is good - and slightly lopsided - about the German aftermarket tuning industry.


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