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'Batmobile' 599 GTB

2008-02-06 07:30
Ferrari might take exception, but German tuner Hamann has turned Maranello's finest, the 599 GTB, into a Batmobile of sorts.

Hamann, the bespoke German tuner based in Laupheim, have no qualms concerning the 'reworkin' of the contemporary supercar masters most revered works.

No less, the 599 GTB retains some of its Pininfarina lines and the overall shape of the fearsome V12, front-engined, rear-wheel drive still captivates.

Improved aerodynamics

Proportionally one immediately notices the wider appearance thanks to new side-sills, and the chin-spoiler mounted up front to improve aerodynamics. The styling modifications owe their existence to aerodynamic considerations instead of aesthetic ones - a Ferrari is hardly in need of restyling.

A roof-mounted spoiler channels airflow onto the rear wing ensuring increased down-force whilst the three-piece rear diffuser improves stability accordingly. All aerodynamic components are either finished in Carbon-Kevlar or fibre-glass.

Nearly 500kW

Performance upgrades for the Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB are modest, and understandably so considering the stock 6-litre V12 already produces 456kW and is as close to mechanical perfection as possible.

A new exhaust system, with revised catalytic converters, improve breathing and bump the power output up to 495kW, whilst the 90mm stainless steel quad exhaust ensure the purest rendering of V12 acoustics available.

Hamann are renowned for their individualised wheel and tyre options, and the 599 GTB rides on -Edition Race- 21-inch mags. These three-piece, ultra-light, forged rims are a cross-spoke design with nine main branching spokes splitting double-finish connecting spokes before engaging the wheel rim.

Expected to transfer 495kW to the road via the 245/30mm profile front and 345/25mm profile rear tyres, the high-strength titanium wheel bolts are a particularly eye-catching feature which ensures everything stays together.

The interior features a typically bespoke Hamann feel with an exclusive set of floor mats in black complementing extravagant leather upholsteries in various colours are available.

Befitting a 21st century supercar conversion extensive multimedia conversions featuring a DVD player, TV reception and a PlayStation are available too - although with a 495kW V12 riding up front, you-ll hardly have the presence of mind to enjoy any of them.


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