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Audi's TT RS upped to 347kW

2010-10-06 07:31

Don’t let the lack of ornate styling trinkets fool you, this is probably the world’s quickest street-legal TT RS.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer MTM
Model TT RS
Engine 2.5l five-cylinder turbo
Power 347kW
Top Speed 312km/h
One of Germany’s most renowned Audi speed shops has a new TT conversion available for those customers who find the TT RS too pedestrian.

MTM, based in Wettstetten and headed by former Audi engineer Roland Mayer, knows how to get the best from Ingolstadt’s range of performance cars.

Three years ago the company built a twin-engined TT which managed to nearly take-off at 393.6km/h; in 2009 it showcased a fettled RS6 Avant capable of running a true 344.2km/h.

Suffice to say – if you need the best go-faster Audi kit around, MTM’s workshop is your contact point of choice.

The company’s latest offering is a modified TT RS that boosts performance to levels that could embarrass Audi’s new headline supercar, the R8 GT.

Adding credence to the TT’s RS badge

MTM’s aim with this latest TT conversion was to pass the 300km/h top speed mark and celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary all in one fell five-cylinder powered swoop.

Considering company boss Roland Meyer essentially refined his engineering skills while working on  Audi’s seminal five-cylinder sports car (the original quattro) it seems fitting that the first series production Audi in-line five performance car in nearly two decades serves as the basis for MTM’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

The MTM TT RS looks like the factory car but has more rebound-resistant shock absorbers (aiding stability) and 380mm brake rotors actuated by eight-piston callipers that ensure seamless deceleration – quite important when trimming a car down from speeds beyond 300km/h.

Alluding to the car’s performance potential are its 20" forged Bimoto alloy rims shod with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 245/30 rubber.

Mechanically the 20th anniversary MTM TT RS does gain a stupefying tally of additional power courtesy of Meyer’s team of tuning technicians. A comprehensively tweaked ECU module harmonises a modified turbo unit and exhaust system (both of MTM’s design), boosting power from 250 to 347kW. Unsurprisingly, the MTM TT RS recorded 312km/h on  Italy’s Nardo high-speed oval test track during final validation runs.

Beyond its rampant straight-line performance, the MTM TT RS also gains a special Haldex ECU override system with three modes for distributing a greater portion of drive to the car’s rear wheels. This ECU override feature reconfigures the Haldex system’s electronic limited-slip centre differential to enact quicker turn-in characteristics (by eliminating all-wheel drive front-end wheel scrub) rendering more traditional (and challenging) rear-wheel drive biased dynamics.

What a way to turn 20

Undoubtedly MTM's 20th anniversary present is very much in tune with the company’s Audi tuning heritage.

Meyer’s background as an engineer on the original quattro sports car always meant than any contemporary five-cylinder Audi performance car would surely be the perfect foil for his aftermarket performance engineering talents.

MTM’s 20th anniversary package can rightly claim to be the world’s quickest aftermarket TT RS tuning kit. At R250 000, the Wettstetten-administered upgrades will seem outlandishly priced to some, a performance bargain to others.

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