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Aftermarket BMW M7 from Mansory

2011-03-24 12:15

AFTERMARKET M7: Despite not being badged M7, this Mansory development of the 760Li is as close as you’ll come. It has performance close to AMG’s S65 AMG.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer BMW
Model 7 Series
Engine 4.4l V8, 6l V12
Power 335kW, 463kW
Torque 720Nm, 920Nm
Unlike Mercedes-Benz’s relationship with AMG, BMW does not allow its in-house tuning division to come near the company’s 7 Series limousine range.

The result is that if you desire a German limousine with rocketship performance and hooligan-themed styling details AMG is the only manufacturer-approved nameplate available.

Fortunately, Germany has an unprecedented number of post-purchase tuning companies – many specialising in filling gaps left by product planners. One such is Mansory... It's run by Iranian-born German national Kourosh Mansory and recently moved most of its design and fabrication capability to Switzerland.

The skills set remains the same, though, and Mansory’s latest product offering is an upgrade of BMW’s 750i and 760 Li.

Although the current 7 Series is a vastly more conservative design than its E65/66 predecessor, Mansory’s styling team has managed to craft some striking composite add-on bits. A new front bumper and grille strongly differentiate the Mansory Seven from its standard siblings and a diffuser-framed rear apron and roof spoiler round off the styling embellishments.

Multispoke 22" wheels (polished finish) are shod with 265/35 rubber up front and 295/30s at the rear.


Those Mansory alloys are hardly the last word in subtle design but they do turn with a touch more urgency courtesy of a custom exhaust system, expertly recalibrated engine control unit module and freer-flowing air inlet filtration.

Power gains are hardly negligible. The 750i’s 4.4-litre V8 curves its output graph from 300 to 335kW and the 760Li’s V12 is stronger by 63kW to 463kW - drawing it level with its fierce rival, Mercedes-Benz’s S65 AMG.

In the continued (and probably perpetual) absence of BMW releasing something called the M7, Mansory’s should suffice, very nicely indeed.

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