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Abt strikes a chord with 600Nm A5

2008-01-23 08:32
Find the striking Audi A5 a little understated? An Abt bodykit and engine upgrade could customise your A5's appearance and invigorate its performance.

The A5, with its evolution of the Nuvolari design concept, is built on the modular longitudinal platform (MLP), which will form the basis for slew of new Audi models - from the A6 replacement to a new A7 Coupe.

Styling is understated, yet the strongly finished flanks, signature single frame Audi grille and LED adorned headlights render an appealing package.

Subtle styling package

Abt's intention was never to unbalance this deft styling act with an overture of spoilers and plastic. Instead, the Abt AS5 bodykit is subtle, with a front skirt featuring grid element accents around the front fog lights and gill-shaped air inlets cut into the front wheel arches.

A rear skirt inset featuring a diffuser synergises with a quad-pipe exhaust, and a rear spoiler rounds off the styling package, with the entire AS5 turned out in a two-tone paint finish. Interior detailing centres on the soft nappa leather steering wheel and Abt aluminium pedals.

Large wheels differentiate the Abt AS5 further. The BR-series Abt wheels are five-spoke 20-inch items, featuring triangular spoke detailing. Hiding behind these huge mags are Abt sport brake discs of 380mm, ensuring epic stopping power time and again.

Unsubtle 600Nm turbodiesel

The Abt AS5 employs the 3-litre V6 turbodiesel engine found in the A5 3 TDI, striking a balance between economy and performance, ensuring enough touring range for the AS5 to revel in its role as a grand tourer.

After Abt applies some compression ignition wizardry the 3-litre engine produces 221kW and 600Nm, up from the standard 179kW. The torque figure ensures epic acceleration with the 0-100km/h sprint blinking by in 5.3 seconds, and seeing the AS5 to a top speed of 264km/h.


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