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560kW Zonda

2007-03-02 07:28

The Pagani Zonda R is lower and longer than the previous Zonda F model.

Word of the super Zonda R has been out for quite some time now and official pictures have finally been released according to the Swedish website Sportbilen.se.

The Zonda F was until now the most powerful in the stable with a power output of 443kW from a Mercedes 7.3-litre V12 engine.

One thing is for sure, having one of these elite cars parked in your garage will most probably be even more difficult than getting your hands on a Ferrari Enzo FXX or a Maserati MC12. Only a select few will be able to purchase of these limited models.

There is not much information to go about or to deliver a full report, but what we do know is under the hood of the Zonda R, lies a powerful 560 kW V12 engine. It is rumoured to be sourced from Mercedes-Benz to grunt out loads of torque.

The pictures reveal that the Zonda R is longer than the previous model and closer to the ground as well. It is predicted to be lighter in weight as well. Styling also includes more aero dynamic features to keep it stuck to the ground when dashing about at ridiculously high speeds.


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