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408kW tuner boost for C63

2009-07-30 07:56
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model Edo C63
Engine 6.2l V8
Power 408kW
Torque 680Nm
Zero To Hundred 4.3 seconds
Top Speed 320km/h
Edo Competition is best known for outlandish Italian supercar modification packages.

Despite this penchant for Latin performance they do a rather neat job with some more domestic products too – like Merc’s C63…

The Ahlen based tuner’s C63 package is not quite the most powerful aftermarket option around (Väth and Carlsson do swifter C63 options) it’s still quite neat.

Finished in regulation C63-tuner black, this Edo kit is particularly subtle, leaving the original AMG styling package relatively stock - mercifully.

New 19-inch wheels feature 12 spokes in six pairings. Shod with super-sticky 235/35 Michelin rubber up front and 265/30s at the rear. 

According to Edo remarkable comfort, sporty manners and long distance capability were the key design parameters.

We have no reason to doubt them, bar for those  19-inch Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres, which should notch the C63’s ride quality to an even lower ebb – as if it’s possible.

Big, bad, naturally-aspirated V8

As with the stock C63 AMG, this Edo model is all about that 6.2l hand built V8 combusting above the front axle.

It’s probably the most evil-sounding front axle mounted V8 in production currently and now has additional power and even more alarming acoustics thanks to some meticulous tuning by Edo’s technicians.

Electronic engine control algorithms are significantly recalibrated to cope with a custom exhaust system and new extraction headers, high-flow catalytic converters and performance air filters.

Subsequently, power output is up from 336kW to 408kW (which illustrates the mellow stock state of tune) and rotational force increases from 600- to 680Nm.

The quiet (and orderly) German countryside comes alive with the sound of Michelin high-performance rubber acting as a clucth for 680Nm.

Find a proper surface and Edo guarantees 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds, whilst the 408kW peak power output will carry you to a derestricted top speed of 320km/h.

The V8’s remarkable acoustic signature has been improved with butterfly valves which open and close at variable back-pressures within the stainless steel exhaust system.

This self-actuating system is augmented by integrated 70mm exhaust flaps which open at a predetermined level of back-pressure, ensuring an optimal flow of torque at low speed and free flow of power at maximum engine speed.

Combined they make for a heady mix of V8 resonance too, which is hardly a coincidence.

Best known for fettling Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati products, the subtle C63 tuning exercise must have been a bit of a chore for the Edo technical team.

Considering the C63 AMG’s popularity as tuned four-door performance car in Germany, it was a business opportunity which had to be seized upon.


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