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Creepy-cute Fiat 500 ad: Buy or else!

2014-08-29 09:52

'BUY A 500...IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU!' Fiat's new 500 ad in the US features cute critters attempting to sell you a new hatchback using 'subtle' coercion. Image: FIAT

Fiat has enlisted the help of cute Disney-esque forest animals for a video n advertisement featuring its little 500 hatchback in the US.

Fiat's 'Helpful Critters' clip shows furry woodland animals speaking about the new 500's selling-points, such as its claimed fuel consumption.

Then the ad takes a dark turn...


The furry critters adopt 'subtle' mobster-style coercion - "we think you should get a Fiat... if you know what's good for you", telling buyers they have friends in the bear community, 'nut-crushing' and 'disappearing people'.

VIDEO: Fiat's 'Helpful Critters' - new 500 ad

According to Fiat: "We suggest you listen to our less than subtle furry friends. The Fiat  500 gets an EPA estimated 5.8 litres/100km on the highway which means you can spend less time at the fuel station.

"You heard the bunny. Visit your local Fiat Studio today. Or else!"

Creepy or cute? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Watch the ad go from cute to creepy in 10 seconds: Click on the gif below to view the clip


Fiat's new 500 range was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva auto show. The new 500 has been enhanced with styling tweaks and technological features, says the automaker, with a new 18cm digital instrument display being a key feature.

The range includes a new Cult version to the range, which builds on the  Lounge specification, which has 15” alloys, a fixed glass sunroof, Blue&Me connectivity, leather steering wheel with remote controls and new air conditioning.

According to Fiat SA: “We are looking at a market intro during September for the 2014 MY Fiat 500 and we are considering the Cult model if the exchange rate plays along, but for now we don’t have definite timing.

“We are intending to keep the range pretty much as is currently, and just include the updates and the odd spec change here and there.”
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