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Crazy crash: Car-park nightmare

2013-08-20 10:01

AVOIDABLE CAR-PARK CRASH: It’s bad enough that a negligent driver caused a head-on collision but what’s worse is she appears to be looking straight ahead at the moment of impact! Image: YouTube

Imagine this: You’re driving into a car-park and suddenly a car is heading at speed directly at you for a head-on. You've no escape!

Now see it for real as a careless woman - apparently looking directly ahead - rams, at speed, directly into your car's nose.

Watch the video!

In the video uploaded to YouTube, the negligent driver appears to look straight ahead before causing the head-on collision. What's worse, she wasn't wearing a her seat belt. You can spot the driver slamming into the dashboard and falling into the passenger seat.

YouTube commenters slammed the driver:

TheoBrixtonTheKid said: “Guys, give her a break already, his vehicle was obviously way too difficult to see with blue and sunny skies. I challenge any one of you to slowly coast through a parking lot WITHOUT slamming head first into someone who has come to a complete stop.”

N37BU6 said: “That chauvinist pig didn't even move out of her way! Some other chauvinist pig didn't put her seat belt on for her, either! Typical MEN...

360YouTubiing said: “Maybe the Police should use this as a TV advert for seat-belt safety. It's pretty shocking to watch.”

Jason Scheier said: “First off, bright move not wearing a seat belt lady. Secondly, how in the fuzz did you not see the car in-front of you? Lastly, How did you not see the car in front of you? LOL”

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