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2013-07-18 10:44

PAY ATTENTION ON THE ROAD AHEAD: A Rider (inset) shows us why you should always pay attention on the road. Image: YouTube

Speeding and being inattentive is a disastrous combination, often leading to crashes or worse on the road.

YouTube user JeanClaude14602 posted a video of a disastrous ride in Cedar Key, Florida, US. In the video you can spot the rider cruising along with a Chevrolet Camaro in the distance.

Watch the video!

JeanClaude14602 said: “It was a nice day and I had to drive three hours south for work the next day. On the way I decided to stop in Cedar Key, Florida on the Gulf Coast for some lunch.

“I was cruising barely above the limit and a Camaro slowed down without braking, so I didn't notice any brake lights. On top of that I wasn't being aware of my surroundings and was looking to the right a little.”


He then proceeds to crash into the Camaro and ends up clinging to the roof of the vehicle.

The rider explains: “At that perfect moment I realised how close the car was but it was too late. As I hit the brakes I looked for an escape. There was no way I was going to make it all the way to the left and go around, so I looked off road to the right and saw a parked truck and telephone pole. That seemed like a bad idea.

“So I just kept on the brakes and tried to get as far right as I could and take my chances trying to skim by the side. As you can see that didn't go well.”

Fortunately he did not suffer any serious injuries despite claiming he was traveling at 109km/h.

“I went to the hospital and got x-rays. Nothing was broken though I was limping for about a week and a half. Other than that I was completely fine. I'm very lucky I didn't break a bone let alone that I survived rear ending a car at 109km/h.

“If you’re wondering, yes my bike is destroyed and I think I’ll buy a car next.”


In the video you can spot the Camaro slowing down and moving to the far left, a good indication that the vehicle intended to make a left turn. This would mean plenty of room to pass on the right or lean the bike over and go hard to the left.

Despite being inattentive on the road the rider isn’t completely at fault, as the Camaro driver failed to use his/her indicators and the brake lights were not that visible.

Below are some YouTube comments on the disastrous ride:

Ajpunisher666 said: "You might want to pay attention to the road while riding instead of thinking you’re cool.  Nice crash, how does Camaro taste? "

In response to the rider claiming he would purchase a car, Luke Stevenson said: "Please don't do that. It'd mean we'd have yet another extremely inattentive driver on the road. Stick with a bike - at least that way, when you’re a zombie out on the road, you are only going to do yourself damage, rather than anyone else."

SimonsGotAGun said: “Seems like YT is just chock full of people who don't make mistakes; I guess those people were riding motorcycles the day after walking out of their mother's womb.

It's amazing how many people think they're having an epiphany by pointing out that it was your fault even though you already said it was your fault? Anyway, glad you're OK and just remember...everyone has a plan or an answer when it's someone else.”

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