Crash videos: Readers respond

2012-09-26 14:19

Since December 2011, the Western Cape's Safely Home campaign has launched a series of videos showing crashes and road incidents in the province.

In September 2012 we showed the next series of videos as part of the Cape's viral safety campaign. Each clip is split into a series of three incidents taken from CCTV footage and shows a variety of bizarre and horrific crashes.

Click on the links to view the videos:
Crash witness September 2012 Video 1
Crash witness September 2012 Video 2
Crash witness September 2012 Video 3

We've had a number of comments and emails from readers outraged by the negligent drivers and pedestrians in the province - some from those involved.

Reader Terryl claims to be one of victims in the crash videos. The video is question shows a car crashing into a motorcycle in order to catch a turn-off. What's worse is the offending driver may have been a off-duty traffic officer!

Terryl said, "The perpetrator was an off duty policeman who was arrested and brought back to the scene of the accident. I left the hospital two weeks after the accident. Watching the video really disturbed me."

Read Terryl's ordeal - Traffic cop's victim responds

Reader Graham shared his views on one instance where a car attempts to cross an intersection but ultimately gets hit by oncoming traffic. He claims that it is in fact the fault of the traffic lights," Are you sure it is the driver being commonly unsafe or is it Western Cape traffic lights that have commonly unsafe settings? Interesting to read how the fault defaults to the motorist.”

Article – Reader: Traffic lights to blame

A few of the crash videos showed negligent behaviour by truck drivers with one video showing a truck driver ramming into a barrier an bridge support on the N1 despite having ample space. Reader Melissa is incensed by the behaviour of truck drivers and shared his thoughts on incidents occurring in Stellenbosch. He even sent us an image showing poor road manners.

Article - Reader: Stellies' truck drama

Here are some reader comments from the latest series of crash videos:

Rohin - I think we need the horrors of daily road accidents in our faces to make us realise the dangers. It should become a part of the high school curriculum, driving is not a joy ride

Carolyn Dewrance - These videos should be on every TV channel every day. Thank you for putting them up here. May be put them on You Tube as well

kingswing69 - Very sad. I see people go through robots every single day of my life, whether the robots are red or off, people don’t care. They don't even slow down. The worst part is the cops don't do anything/

megala.arxithia - These videos highlight the amount of dumb people that drive among us. All three accidents were because of dumbness and not high speeds. Drive around CT for a day and you will see how the Cape flat locals drive and you'll be scared stiff to drive again. You will also see that you can drive around the city for days on end without ever seeing a traffic official or car. The high accident rate is a result of dumb low class people who somehow wangled a drivers license only to be let loose on the roads with no police around!


Reader Werner Van Zyl is hoping get in touch with vintage mini owners and Mini clubs in South Africa. Van Zyl is a huge fan of the iconic British automaker and hopes to reach out the like minded individuals. Wheels24 is more than happy to connect petrol heads with one another and we've published Van Zyl's call to action.

Reader: Reaching out to Mini fans

Share your thoughts in our comments section below or email us and we'll publish your article and/or images on Wheels24.

  • JR - 2012-09-27 15:57

    Pertaining to the picture on this page, we do infact have a scenario exactly like this in johannesburg at a major intersection on modderfontein rd(R25), just as one comes off the N12 East towards greenstone shopping centre,the huge and fantastically busy intersection has one particular set which plays out this totally non-sensical scenario of one side red while the other remains green. I personally nearly wrote off my car, and i expect 10 or more near misses on a daily basis. Whoever is in charge of the traffic lights is failing miserably in my opinion.

  • leigh.johannes - 2012-10-01 13:17

    I agree the is a major eye opener for those speedsters, and i speak of experience. Watching hectic crash videos on you tube is something i do daily, (it might seem that i am a sick person) but trust me it works. (Major eye opener)

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