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WATCH | This cool video shows why modern cars could never match extraordinary classics

2020-03-30 07:00

Robin Classen

1973 BMW 2002 turbo

Image: Net Car Show

This cool clip from Car Throttle shows just how much older vehicles have evolved over the years when compared to modern cars.

Car keys, for instance, have evolved considerably through the years; huge metal single keys to ones loaded with buttons, and to 'keyless entry' for some owners.

How times have changed

These days cars are more refined and technologically advanced with all sorts of driver assistance programmes to provide the best experience (and safety) behind the wheel.

Engine sizes have also been reduced dramatically; gone are big displacements in favour of small-capacity powertrains fed via forced induction. The aim? Optimal fuel economy and performance.

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One such example is the rapid progression of the automatic or direct-shift transmission. In the long run, manual transmissions will be phased out. Who would have thought that would be the case 20 years ago?

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With older cars, you could get your hands dirty and fix it yourself - not the case with the newer generation models. These days almost everything is controlled by the on-board computer, and there are interlinked systems. One incorrect tweak can lead to costly repairs.

Check out the video:

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