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Stranger agrees to restore this driver's classic 1973 VW Beetle

2016-09-06 07:32

TRUSTING STRANGERS: After working on this VW Beetle for two years, Cullen Kohls returned the 1973 Bug to its delighted owner. Image: YouTube


Remember Volkswagen's classic Beetle advert in SA? For a feel-good #ThrowbackThursday, enjoy this retro local clip. Watch 'Memories'.

Virginia - What lengths would you go to restore your beloved 1973 Volkswagen Beetle? 

Kim Steger was 16 when her parents purchased a new Volkswagen Beetle and she's kept it for 43 years. Steger hoped to eventually pass down the vehicle to her daughter.

Unfortunately, the vagaries of time have not been kind to the 'Bug' and it was in need of restoration. Fortunately, Steger found the right person for the job on Craigslist...

Finding a trusting solution

WTVR reports that Steger and her husband searched for a restorer in their hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia but couldn't cover the expenses (i.e parts). 

Steger took to Craigslist in the hopes of finding someone able to bring her classic car back to life.

Cullen Kohls (25) answered the call and the pair came to an arrangement in 2014. She would deposit money into his account for parts and materials and he’d send her receipts and updates on the progress.

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Interestingly, Steger and Kohls only met once, when the young man dropped off her Beetle. Since then they've kept in contact.

An unexpected turn

Earlier in September 2016, Steger took receipt of her beloved Beetle which was in near-pristine condition. 

Only the front seats and minor touch-ups are required. Sadly, Kohls was forced to cut the restoration job short as he needed to take care of his mother whom is suffering from cancer.

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Read the full article on WTVR here.

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