Classic Model A museum opens

2013-05-20 10:01

HICKORY CORNERS, Michigan — A visit to the brand-new Model A Ford Museum in Michigan will transport you to a 1920's dealer of yesteryear.

The museum opened on May 18, according to the Detroit News, on the Gilmore Car Museum campus in Hickory Corners, 185km west of Detroit in the US, and it looks just like a Ford dealer from 1928.


The Model A was built in the late 1920's and early 1930's following the huge success of the Model T.

Marketing director Jay Follis said the new museum was the world's largest public museum dedicated to the Model A and Gilmore’s executive director Michael Spezia added: "The Model A is a car to which everybody can relate. It was an affordable and very popular automobile that has been owned and enjoyed by millions of people."


There are some exceptional models to be seen, the DetNews reports, among them:

• The Model A driven off the the assembly line by Henry Ford in 1927 and presented to inventor Thomas Edison.
• A 1930 Model A school bus.
• The original postal service delivery truck.
• A unique dual powered-axle truck used in building the Hoover Dam.

According to MLive.com, several hundred Model A vehicles trekked to the little town of Hickory Corners for the grand opening and visitors came from across the country attended the opening.

More than R9-million was raised by the Model A Ford f to help built the museum.

  • HJS - 2013-05-27 22:02

    Now that would be a nice museum to visit. My late farther had a 1930 Model 'A' and I virtually "grew up in it". Many fond memories of that "grand old road warrior".

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