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Check: Are you a perfect driving 'mate'?

2014-09-24 05:37

IDEAL MAN DRIVES A CONVERTIBLE? Convertible? Check. Luxury car? Check. According to a survey, most women see their ideal man as behind the wheel of a cabriolet. Image: Europcar

LONDON, England - A piece of light-hearted research* to discover the driving and other traits of “the perfect man” – at least as far as women are concerned – showed more than 20% see their ideal man driving a convertible.

Except in chilly Scotland, were the percentage fell to 14%. “Perhaps it was the weather,” the survey suggested.

Audi was the top brand for all types of car. When it came to the perfect motoring getaway, 35% voted for a trip along the Italian Amalfi coast in a convertible, according to the Europcar survey.


About 21% of female respondents listed their perfect man as driving a luxury sedan; interestingly, the same proportion saw him driving a 4x4. The UK survey’s data plunged to 3% when the words “estate car” were mentioned.

A man driving a 4x4 was most-favoured by women living in Northern Ireland (29%) but was least popular England’s East Midlands (12%). Strange, perhaps, because it rains a lot there. Anyway…

Audi was the top brand (18%), followed by BMW (12%) with poor old Volvo scoring only two percent along with (surprisingly?) Ferrari and Porsche, with 2% and 3% respectively.


Most women (66%) want their perfect guy to be able to change a wheel and 43% a man who can afford to fill his car with fuel. Even more personal, 54% want a man who brings them tea in bed and 53% would like him to laugh at their jokes.

When it comes to a goodnight kiss, 57% want a non-smoker; when it comes to laundry nearly 50% want a man who can iron his own shirts!

Ken McCall, managing director of Europcar UK, explained: “We thought it would be fun to find out what women are looking for in the perfect man.

 “It seems today’s women want the perfect balance between James Bond’s jet-set style and sophistication and practicality and sensitivity. But whether he plays sport or plays an instrument, most women agree he should be in a convertible – a car that’s says luxury without being flashy.

Europcar, co-incidentally, happens to rent most of the types of vehicles listed above.

· Research conducted by OnePoll, August 2014 among 2000 heterosexual women

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