Centurion tops tyre-care list

2013-05-21 12:00

Drivers in Centurion, Gauteng, have set a record for tyre maintenance, according to a recent car-park survey.

The results from checking 996 tyres showed that 98% were within the recommended pressure safety limits - an increase on the previous record of 95%.


Bridgestone PR manager Mandy Lovell congratulated the Centurion drivers. “When Tyre Check started in 2007 pressure compliance was routinely below 80%, the record low was 54%. “A result of 98% is fantastic and we're really pleased at the rest of the results too.”

Of the two percent of tyres that fell outside the recommended inflation pressure limits, half fell into the “dangerous” category and the other half were classified as “extremely dangerous”.

Every tyre was also checked for cuts or bulges and excessive tread wear. The number of tyres so badly worn or damaged that they were rendered unsafe was very low in the Centurion survey.