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Case opened against driver-assault cops

2014-09-02 11:44

'CASE OF ASSAULT AND INTIMIDATION': Gauteng police reports that a case has been opened against two Ekurhuleni metro police officers who allegedly shoved and punched a driver and his wife in Johannesburg. Image: News24/ Nielen de Klerk

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng - A criminal case has been opened at the Edenvale police station against two Ekurhuleni metro police officers who allegedly shoved and punched a driver and his wife.

Gauteng police said: "A case was opened and it will be investigated by Edenvale detectives. It is a case of assault and intimidation."

The case was opened by driver Malcolm Brown on August 30 2014, soon after the incident near Modderfontein Road. According to a report in The Star, the couple were assaulted in front of their two children in Edenglen.


Brown told the newspaper he stopped at a red traffic light and saw an officer on the road ahead. When he drove on he was told to stop.

Brown claims that the officer shouted at him, asking why he drove through a red light. Brown denied the allegation and was told he would be ticketed.

Brown left his car and followed the officer to provide his details. While writing out the fine, Brown asked the officer how he could see the traffic light from such a distance.

He allegedly responded: "I am the law."


Two other officers approached and also began shouting at Brown. When Brown asked for their names, he said the officers swore at him so he took out his cellphone and attempted to film the police car's number plates.

It was at that point, he claims, that he was assaulted. "As soon as I started to film he grabbed my arms and wrestled me to the ground. His colleague then also grabbed me, and the officer in the film punched me in the chest."

His wife ran to him and was allegedly pushed and punched by an officer as the children watched from the back seat of their car.

Brown said: "I could hear my kids screaming, so I grabbed my wife and ran to our car, locked the doors and phoned the police."

He claims the officers drove off. He attempted to follow them but they were allegedly driving too fast, around "120km in a 60km zone".

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