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Car stripped at police pound

2013-08-12 07:54

TAKING ACTION AGAINST THE SAPS: Gauteng couple Renee and Conroy Gericke want police to pay-up after their hijacked VW Polo was stripped at a police pound. Image: VWSA

A couple is taking action after their car was allegedly stripped while under police guard after it was recovered following a hijacking, reports The Star.

Renee and Conroy Gericke were hijacked at gunpoint in Boksburg during January 2013. Police recovered their Volkswagen Polo in Tembisa in May and placed it at the Van Ryn Deep Vehicle Safeguarding Unit in Mackenzie, Benoni.


The couple told The Star that while the vehicle was at the pound, it was stripped of its "side mirrors, console gauges and computer box."

The couple wanted police to pay for the tow truck charges and damages incurred while in the police pound. Renee Gericke said: "We don't have any insurance, now the car is sitting at home gathering dust yet we are still paying for it. We are losing time at work and money driving up and down because of the negligence of the police."

Brigadier Neville Malala confirmed the Gericke's had instituted civil action against the police.

Malala said: "The allegation (of the car being stripped) has come to our attention after a criminal case of theft from the motor vehicle was registered.

Lieutenant General Mzwandile Petros called for an internal probe. So far, none of the perpetrators had been identified.

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