Cap'n Slow slams 'Twitbook, FaceTube'

2013-01-11 09:09

LONDON, England - Top Gear presenter James May (Captain Slow to his co-presenters) is blaming social networking and video sites for ruining the shows' surprises.

According to the London Daily Mail, May believes any filming of the hit motoring show in a public place is simultaneously videoed or photographed by the public and then posted online. For sites such as Wheels24 to pick up...

May, who co-hosts the show with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, said fans posted video on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and ruined any surprises for viewers.


He even predicted a bizarre future when there would be no need for a film crew as the amount of video available from the public would allow fans to create their own versions of 'Top Gear'. Anyone up for 'Top Gear Brakpan'?
May wrote in Top Gear magazine: "These days it's quite difficult to surprise you on the telly because everything we do in any vaguely public place is immediately filmed, photographed or noted and then exposed on Twitbook and FaceTube.

"So, I see a future where we don't need to film and edit Top Gear. You will do it for us."

May even has some ideas for a future fan-made episode: "We will arrange to drive some £500 (R7000) cars to France (where the producers have come up with a series of challenges) and you will pool your footage to make an item."

Top Gear has run for 18 seasons, the latest finished in March 2012 and is recorded to have 350-million viewers a week in 170 countries.

  • Jeremy - 2013-01-11 10:54

    Don't worry James.....most of us will continue to watch Top Gear, the best motoring programme ever! For the record, not all of us do Twitbook or Facetube!

  • helloserve - 2013-01-11 11:37

    "We will arrange to drive some R7000 cars to France (where the producers have come up with a series of challenges) and you will pool your footage to make an item." R7000? Really Wheels24?

      Jeremy - 2013-01-11 12:14

      If you watch Top Gear, you'll know that the figure is probably correct. The "challenges usually involve the purchase of three very cheap cars which usually get wrecked in the course of the challenges....

      rodney.louis.7 - 2013-01-11 12:48

      @jeremy ..please check up on the exchange rate.. hello was referring to the calculations used ..

      ashly.forster.1 - 2013-01-11 13:28

      Dude the exchange rate is about R14 to a pound. That makes 500 = 7000! just saying

      freddie.jones.58367 - 2013-01-11 15:11

      At this mornings rate of R13.9859040637 = £1 it works out to R6,992.952 Happy now? By the way, I used decimal points and comma's in the English manner.

      nbasson - 2013-01-11 16:43

      Math is hard.

  • francis.o.lai - 2013-01-11 14:07

    Top Gear is the best entertainment and motoring show on television. Have no fear, your loyal fans will continue to watch. TwitBook and FaceTube be damned.

  • kevin.grinaker - 2013-01-11 20:48

    Strange! I heard that You Tube, Twitter and Facebook have all joined forces now anyway. They are about to announce the new name, "YouTwitFace".

      nico.leroux1 - 2013-01-13 14:08


  • nico.leroux1 - 2013-01-13 14:07

    You're right! But fortunately I have a short memory. So it is every-time a surprise. Haha!

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