CPT, PMB BMW driver training

2012-09-12 11:04

BMW will run high-performance driver training courses in Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg during October and November 2012.

Cape Town drivers will use the Killarney race circuit, PMB drivers will use the Roy Hesketh circuit.

Participants will learn fundamentals in advanced driving such as braking distances, emergency lane-changes and safety.


One of the biggest causes of vehicle accidents is human error and the inability to adapt appropriately to potentially hazards.

BMW Driver Training will address a number of potential situations in which a driver could find himself and equip him - or, of course, her - with the skills neccesary to avoid disaster.

Other courses on offer include the BMW Track Night Experience, which aims to help participants with driving at night. Participants will also learn the theory of operating dynamics at the limits of handling.

Dates: October 4-17 2012
Daytime courses: 7.30am-1pm and noon-5.15pm
Night course: 5.30-9pm
Cost per course (including 14% VAT)
BMW 135i High Performance - R3 200
BMW 328i High Performance - R2 950
BMW 328i Night Track Experience - R2 950
Hijack Prevention - R665
Defensive Driving - R1520

Click here to find out more information or email BMW.

  • Rudolph Timba - 2012-09-12 20:12

    I was there yesterday it's a nice training at Swartskop

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