Button 'on market' after Dennis' spat

2014-07-04 10:37

LONDON, England - Jenson Button has declared himself "on the market" after McLaren team boss Ron Dennis' "must try harder" criticism.

Dennis, 67, is said to have dismayed the UK-based team's senior management this week when he publicly urged Button, contracted only until the end of the 2014 season, to "try harder".

Button did not appreciate the comments.


He told reporters ahead of his home race at Silverstone, where he will wear a pink helmet in tribute to his late father John who always wore a pink shirt to races: "I think Ron is maybe practising to be a motivational speaker. I don't think we should be pointing a finger at any individual in the team."

Button, 34, rejected Dennis' claim that he was not pushing to the maximum with the uncompetitive 2014 car but said he was keen to race its 2015 successor which will have a works Honda 'power unit'.

"I'd like to stay," Button said. "This team has a bright future and the partnership with Honda will help  a lot.

"But it isn't the only team in F1."


  • Darren Peach804 - 2014-07-04 13:01

    Not a Button Fan, Yet I am on his side. The Mclaren is useless.

      Walter Ndlovu - 2014-07-04 22:11

      Dennis is stupid. they got rid of a much more experienced driver "Sergio Perez" handed Button a young inexperience driver. not the development of this car is all in Buttons shoulders and that not easy

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