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Button: 'Hamilton will play mind games'

2014-05-21 06:44

SPILLS THE BEANS: F1 driver Jenson Button (above) said his former McLaren team mate Lewis Hamilton played "mind games" with him . Image: AFP

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - F1's Drivers' championship leader Lewis Hamilton will try to play "mind games", according to former team mate Jenson Button.

Hamilton, the 2008 Drivers' champion, has beaten current team mate Nico Rosberg on the last four outings - Malaysia, Bahrain, China and Spain and German newspaper Bild fears Rosberg is "too nice" to regain the upper hand now.


Hamilton's previous team mate Button recalls that Hamilton reverted to "mind games" to gain the upper hand when they were racing partners at McLaren until 2012.

Button said: "I am sure there will - if there aren't already - mind games going on. There were a few things he played on me. It would work on some drivers whereas it just makes others stronger because they laugh it off.

"Nico is intelligen enough to know if Lewis is playing mind games, which in some ways could help Nico or harm him. He might just end up getting fed up with it."

Button said form and confidence weree the most important elements in a driver's armoury and Hamilton was currently on top of his game. "Lewis is full of confidence and is a fierce competitor when he is like that, even when he is not having a good day."

But Button said, given Mercedes' utter dominance so far in 2014, the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg would be an important factor in 2014 to keep interest levels high.

He said: "The thing is, because Mercedes is going to walk away with it - I know we are only five races in, but the team has such a big lead - it's not going to favour just one driver. Hamilton and Rosberg will be allowed to race each other because the show must go on."

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