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Britain going driverless in 2015

2014-07-31 09:30

GEARING UP: Britain is set to start its driverless car trial programme in January 2015 in three of its cities. Image: AP / Google


Hyundai shows its latest driving assistance tech, on the new Genesis, in an incredible video featuring a driverless convoy of eight of the stunning sedans - and a chain-reaction emergency stop...!

LONDON, England - British officials says driverless cars will be tested on roads in as many as three cities in a trial programme to begin in January 2015.

The tests, with sensors and cameras guiding the cars, could last for as long as three years using two types of autonomous technology. One keeps a human in the driving seat should manual control be needed; the other calls for a full automatic control.


British transport minister Claire Perry said such cars could transform Britain's road network by improving safety and traffic flow while reducing carbon emissions.

The cities to test the system will be chosen in a competition.

Other countries, among them Japan and the United States, are already developing driverless technology.


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