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Boy (10) takes baby sister for joyride

2014-02-13 08:58

EARLY MORNING CRUISE: A 10-year-old boy stole his parents car and took his 18-month old sister along for a ride. Image: Shutterstock


A public safety official was startled when a car crash took place in the background of an interview with SABC television news about the state of a North West road notorious for crashes.

OSLO, Norway - A 10-year-old boy took his 18-month-old sister for a joy ride in the family carand crashed into a snowy ditch.

Police said the children travelled around 10km when a snowplough driver saw the car stuck in a ditch at around 5am on a country road in Norway.

Police officer Kai Lyshaugen said: "This happened on an impulse. He woke up early, his sister was also awake and he decided to take her for a ride."


According to the Norwegian daily Dagbladet, the boy told the plough driver that they were on their way to their grandmother's house about 30km away.

He later told another plough operator that he was a dwarf and had wound up in the ditch when making a hasty U-turn to go home for his driving licence.

The boy and his 18-month-old sister, who was sitting on the passenger seat without a seat belt, were unharmed and cheerful when they were found.

Lyshaugen said: "He asked for help to tow his vehicle so they could continue their journey,"

Police returned the children to their parents.

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