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Reader's Ride: Honda NC700X auto

2013-07-12 07:14


GREAT BIKE FOR A NOVICE RIDER: Despite issues with the transmission, Wheels24 reader BENNIE STEENKAMP loves his Honda NC700X. Image: Wheels24


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“While reading Wheels24 readers’ articles on the 2013 Bike of the Year, I thought I’d share my two cents on the Honda NC700X Auto. I own one since February 2013 and it's an absolute delight.

I travel in peak traffic and I feel much safer and comfortable on the bike than my previous one as I don’t have to concentrate on anything other than my speed and other road users.

That being said, the auto mode (D) is not for me.


The bike changes gears way too quickly and around corners things become dodgy when it shifts unexpectedly.

The "S" or sport mode however changes the game. It takes some getting used to but once you spend some time with the bike, you know exactly when it will change gears and how it will behave.

The auto doesn't affect fuel consumption that much. The MT or manual mode with paddle shifts is also fun to use, as it can push the bike to its limit.

The Honda NC700X is not the fastest bike around and the handling is not always as smooth as one would expect, especially at high speeds.

It is however more than decent and still a pleasure to ride. Also don't forget the huge storage space at the front! No irritating tank bag to ruin the good looks of your bike.


This bike is perfectly positioned in a space where no bike has gone before. It is tailor-made for a novice rider who doesn't want to worry about changing gears. This is a rider who wants a forgiving ride, to beat the traffic, save on fuel and who also wants to take on the open road every once in a while.

My wife and I love taking a trip to Clarens in the Free State with this bike (we live in Pretoria). The fuel tank is a bit small (range of 310km) which means a lot of stops. Still, at 25km to the litre, it’s a real bargain.

Best of it all, is the price. At just R75 000 it is really affordable, especially as a second vehicle to everyone's beloved car.

On rainy days, days you need to see those really important clients and don't want to mess up your suit or hair, or on those really cold winter days you can still take the car and at the same time love your bike.”

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