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Blue-lights cop kicking driver's door?

2015-02-12 12:51

WAS THERE BULLYING? A video posted by a Wheesl24 reader shows a cop apparently kicking the driver's door of a sedan. Watch the clip and decide for yourself. Image: YouTube

Wheels24 reader William The Great sent us a video showing an official on a motorcycle, part of a "blue lights" convoy, apparently kicking the door of a passing car on the N1 in Gauteng.

In the video, posted on YouTube, the official is riding to the right of a sedan before flicking out his/her leg. It's unclear, though, whether the rider kicks the door of the sedan.

The reader claims he, too, was the victim of blue-lights bullying as an official folded his side-mirror and attempted to “force him out of the way”.


Here's what William The Great had to say:

"I captured one of the blue lights brigade drivers kicking the driver's door of a passing car when clearly there was enough space for him to pass. These guys think they can do anything. This happened on the N1 South just before the New Road bridge in Midrand, Gauteng.

VIDEO:  Reader captures official misbehaving

"Apart from kicking I couldn't see any other aggressive behaviour from the motorcyclist. It might be worth mentioning I was also in the fast lane when the BLB cars started passing and the motorcyclist at the front of the brigade slapped my mirror, folding it, as to force me out of the lane but there was no space for me to move over.

"Unfortunately, as the dashcam only records things happening in front of me, I couldn't capture that but was able to catch the last rider kicking a door.

“In my opinion there was enough space on each side of the car to pass and the aggressive behaviour was uncalled-for. “


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