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Begorrah, Michael, yer 94! Slow down!

2015-07-10 13:29

IRISH OPTIMIST: Though 94, Michael Kearns has just bought a new car and has no intention of slowing down. Image: TheNewsMarket

KILLEAGH, Ireland - At 94, Michael Kearns has no intention of giving up his trips to the beach, visiting family or attending church practically on his own in this small Irish village he calls home.

That's why he's just bought himself a Seat Mii, which gives him the freedom of movement he craves. It's powered by a one-litre engine and produces a modest 55kW.


Despite his age, this retired postman confesses that it's not that common to see a person in his 90's at the wheel of a car, Kearns points out that he chose this functional utilitarian to cover short distances.

This man, who has become Seat's most veteran customer in Ireland, admits that even when he has nowhere specific to go, he sometimes drives just for the heck of it.

"I really enjoy driving", he concludes with a smile.


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