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Bakkie stolen 12 times

2005-09-02 11:03

Philip de Bruin

Greth Crocker, communications manager of the Tracker recovery company, said the bakkie had been stolen for an unbelievable 12th time - and also recovered for a 12th time by the company.

The man who drives the bakkie - which has already been the subject of an application to Guinness Book of Records for recognition of a world record - is one Johan of Salt River in Cape Town.

He does not want to reveal his full identity as he is afraid he might then really be targeted by vehicle thieves.

Johan uses the bakkie for his daily tasks.

According to Crocker the latest theft took place in Salt River and Tracker recovered it an hour later, together with a suspect, in Maitland.

Johan already has his good old faithful hack back.

''We can hardly believe one vehicle owner can be the victim of theft so many times but we're also glad we were able to recover the bakkie for the 12th time,'' Crocker said.

He says the application to Guinness was refused as there was no category for a vehicle that had been stolen and recovered the most times.

''But it is certainly a fact we have a world champion. None of our global offices, including the USA and Spain, could improve on this record.''


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