Bakkie crash kills four children

2013-03-08 09:16

MTHATHA, Eastern Cape - Another horror crash, this one in Libode, Eastern Cape, which killed four schoolchildren has highlighted the danger of carrying people on a bakkie.

Nine other youngsters from Mabalengwe Senior Secondary school were hurt. The driver, who was seriously injured, apparently lost control of the bakkie while traveling in rain.

Eastern Cape health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo confirmed that 10 people were admitted to hospital and that the four pupils died on the scene.


Wheels24 editor LES STEPHENSON video'd an overloaded bakkie travelling along the N7 on the West Coast:

"This video was shot on the southbound N7 approaching Cape Town," he said. "The bakkie was doing about 120km/h with eight labourers in its load bay - all of them apparently happy to have the lift and one of them sitting on a stool.

"However they seemed unaware of what would happen should the driver have to brake hard or, worse, collide with another vehicle."

Watch the video here!

  • erik.p.vanwyk - 2013-03-08 12:11

    This is a simple case of "As jy nie wil hoor nie dan moet jy voel" I still struggle to understand the mentality of this new South Africa as they have so little regard to their own safety. Not just this article but how they sometimes manage to cross busy city streets putting their own lifes in danger while there is a perfectly working crossing at the robot where you can cross safely. Do we blame this on stupidity or the lack of proper public transport?

  • vickers.vermeulen - 2013-03-10 20:58

    The load-bed of a bakkie is for load NOT for passengers. Transporting people on the back of a truck has been illegal in most civilized countries for years.

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