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Bakkie crash: Nine tips for ANC

2013-07-01 12:50

WHEN WILL IT END? 15 people have died and 28 were injured in a bakkie collision in the North West.Image: SERGIO DAVIDS


Earlier in July, Wheels24 reported on 15 deaths and 28 people being injured when a bakkie and bus collided on the R510 between Northem and Rustenburg in North West on June 30.

We asked if this could be the crash that finally prompts the government to stop the transport of people, including children, in open bakkies? Or will the national transport ministry continue to do nothing?


Wheels24 reader GORDON FORRESTER has nine suggestions for ANC to improve road safety and decrease the death toll on South Africa's roads:

"The ANC says cancel liquor advertising and the road death toll will come down. What nonsense.

1 We need effective policing by mobile units that enforce the laws against moving violations.
2 We need ethical cops that don't take bribes.
3 We need sensible speed limits with less focus on speed and more on good driving habits.
4 We need taxis that have to comply with the law.
5 We need drivers that are forced to take breaks after two hours of driving.
6 We need pedestrians that have to wear reflective gear.
7 We need proper testing of driving abilities. No buying of licences.
8 We need ethical centres to test roadworthiness.
9 We need sentences for corrupt practices in law enforcement. Put officers behind bars for 20 years with no parole if they are seen as being corrupt.

If we apply all of these steps, then we might improve our road safety."

Do you agree with the nine suggestions above?
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