Baby-strangler car thief arrested

2013-03-06 12:09

BEIJING, China - A Chinese car thief who strangled a two-month-old baby has surrenderd himself to police.

The baby was in an SUV allegedly stolen by Zhou Xijun (48) in north-eastern Jilin province, China. The theft triggered a vast hunt involving thousands of police officers and taxi drivers.

Xijun eventually handed himself to authorities and confessed to the crimes.


A Jilin police statement read: "(Xijun) discovered a baby in the back seat of the stolen car, stopped at the side of a road before strangling the baby to death and burying it in the snow."

The parents left the child alone in the car for 10 minutes with the engine running before realising the vehicle had been taken. Internet users expressed their disgust at the crime and many called for the thief to be put to death.

One user of Sina Weibo, a website similar to Twitter, wrote: "Killing him once would not be enough."
Another wrote: "I would never have imagined that what people most feared would actually happen... the killer should be severely punished."

According to the UN, China claimed a murder rate of one per 100 000 people in 2010, among the lowest in the world.