Second giant recall for BMW

2013-02-18 07:41

BMW has had two major vehicle recalls over the weekend - the first involving 60 000 X5 V8 units, the second 570 000 various models - and both affect South Africa.

The German company is recalling 570 000 cars in the US and Canada over a faulty battery cable connector which could fail and stall the engine. This follows a recall of 60 000 X5 4.8i V8's a day earlier.

A BMW South Africa spokesperson said the larger recall involved certain 1 and 3-Series, Z4 and X1 models assembled between March 2007 and July 2011.


BMW SA said: “We have about 52 000 vehicles affected in South Africa which will need to have the plug connector at the power distribution box replaced. Diesel vehicles from these model series are not affected at all.

“In unfavourable conditions, vehicle vibrations can lead to frictional corrosion on the plug of the power distribution box, impairing the electrical supply to the vehicle. This could result in the doors not opening and the vehicle failing to start after parking.

"In extreme cases, the electrical system can fail and the engine may cut out while travelling. The driver is given an indication of this by flickering on the instrument panel and a short, noticeable decline in the engine power."

BMW SA is not aware of any incidents or injuries relating to this matter in South Africa and their is no risk of fire.

“BMW SA will begin notifying customers by means of written communication to have the improved plug concept - which prevents frictional corrosion - fitted at no cost. Affected owners can contact the the BMW SA Customer Care Centre on 0800 600 555 if they have any questions or concerns."

AP reported BMW knows of one minor collision in Canada due to the electrical problem, but no injuries. North American owners will also get free replacement parts after notifications go out in March, 2013.

The recall affects more than 504 000 cars in the US and another 65 000 in Canada.

  • Michael - 2013-02-18 10:52

    the old bmw e30 box shape models were built to last, no more passion for cars just mass production and making money!!!

  • Kwashic - 2013-02-18 12:24

    good thing BMW is recalling them.... the dealers and mechanics would have enjoyed charging arms and legs of BMW drivers claiming they had to "overhaul" the whole electrical system and replace the super-sensitive-electro-spacio-conductor-vibriolating.... thingy!

      fredster.mania.5 - 2013-02-18 14:40

      LOL...Broke My Wallet

  • vince.hobs - 2013-02-18 17:18

    They must also fix the indicator switch,it seems to don't work well at times.

      vuyani.valashiya - 2013-02-21 21:35

      and the fog light switch. It is always on

  • andre.last.3323 - 2013-02-18 20:05

    The should also recall and finally fix than noisy vibration when I;m at the corners. The local garage cant find what's wrong assuring me it is "probably nothing serious". Very assuring sheer driving...

      erik.p.vanwyk - 2013-02-19 09:08

      Local garage or local BMW dealership? Cause if its the local garage that might be the reason they cant find the problem.

      Mr Badbones - 2014-04-16 09:05

      HA HA HA ..... or the local garage might be the problem .....

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