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BMW drop-top duo spied in SA

2006-03-16 08:05

Gotcha! Cabriolet versions of the BMW 3 Series (Left) and Rolls Royce (Right)

Wheels24 has scoop photos of BMW testing its upcoming ragtop version of the new 3 Series and a Rolls-Royce cabriolet in SA.

An eagle-eyed reader, Riaan Jooste, spied the vehicles in Pretoria earlier this week.

The cars are heavily disguised with black padding but it is clear that these vehicles are the new 3 Series drop-top and Rolls-Royce convertible.

These photos confirm again that BMW is opting for a canvas top for the cabriolet and not getting on the folding metal roof bandwagon.

Our photos also confirm that BMW is close to unveil the production version of Rolls-Royce's 100EX concept car.

Both cabriolets will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September.

BMW will also showcase other new 3 Series derivatives such as the coupe and possibly the M3 at Paris. BMW's 1 Series coupe could also be unveiled in September.

BMW 3 Series cabriolet (above & below)


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