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2015-03-24 10:06

NO MORE SPEEDING FINES: Ford Europe is introducing a speed trap-beating tool that will always keep your car under the limit. Image: Newspress / Ford

  • Ford Europe tech prevents speeding
  • Car camera spots the limit signs
  • Speed camera becomes redundant

COLOGNE, Germany - Breaking the speed limit can be costly in terms of fines and driving bans as well as playing a significant role in many road accidents. Ford is now launching technology that could help prevent drivers from exceeding speed limits – at home and abroad.

Drivers have for some time been able to set a maximum speed for their vehicle. Now the all-new S-MAX sports activity vehicle – equipped with 'Intelligent Speed Limiter' – can help ensure the maximum speed is automatically adjusted to remain within changing speed limits.


Stefan Kappes, active safety supervisor with Ford Europe, explained: “Drivers are not always aware that they are speeding so (this system) can remove one of the stresses of driving.”

The limiter is activated by a button on the steering-wheel and a windscreen camera scans for speed-limit signs. If a lower speed-limit area is entered the system slows the vehicle as required. As the speed limit rises, so the car will accelerated to that limit.

VIDEO: Watch the tech save you money!

Ford has in recent years introduced many technologies to its vehicles that help drivers to park, remain in their driving lane, and avoid low-speed accidents.


It works between 30 and 190km/h, restricting speed by fuel-flow rather than braking. Should gravity - as on a downslope - occur the driver is alerted.

The limiter will also work with satnav on the open road, just in case the driver misses one of what could be wide-spaced limit signs. Override? Just press the accelerator, perhaps to overtake.

Ford’s all-new S-MAX also has pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection and will brake if the driver does not.

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