The good, bad and ugly of Fernando Alonso's F1 career

'Fernando Alonso is one of the all-time greats', writes Egmont Sippel.

Here's why Toyota's Rush is doing so well

Toyota has apparently now completed its utter domination of the SA gravel travel market, writes Lance Branquinho.


Cameras can catch cars that speed and skip traffic lights but do they make roads safer?

2018-08-20 07:46

'The elevated number of traffic accidents at urban intersections is a serious public health issue. Electronic monitoring is not the solution,' reads a new study on traffic cameras. Do you agree?

Car won't start? Here are 5 easy tips to help keep your vehicle alive in SA

2018-08-20 05:30

'Keeping you car healthy and on the road is easy if you follow these simple steps', writes Duncan Alfreds.

'Don't touch my van, sucka! A-Team, Knight Rider... 10 cool cars from hit TV shows

2018-08-19 19:30

From the iconic A-Team van to the crime-fighting Trans-Am featured in Knight Rider, join us for a trip down memory lane as we have a look back vehicles that have gained cult status in TV shows.

WATCH: 'Power is nothing without control' - Here's how car suspension systems works

2018-08-19 12:30

Suspension systems are the core ingredient of every vehicle, determining how well a car handles on the road and its overall driveability. Check out this cool video to find out how your car's suspension works.

ICYMI: SA car sales heroes, Toyota's Rush already a force to be reckoned with - top stories you shouldn't miss

2018-08-18 20:00

SA consumers are up in arms about the price of car parts while Tesla boss Elon Musk says he is stressed and overworked. Here are your top stories of the day.

WATCH: CCTV footage captures the incredible moment this quick-thinking Mercedes driver gets away from armed hijackers in Joburg

2018-08-18 10:00

CCTV and dashcam footage captures the moment a driver is confronted by hijackers at gun-point in Johannesburg. Incredibly, the driver manages to get away, smashing her way past the hijacker's car.

Tesla's Musk says stress, overwork taking heavy toll

2018-08-17 08:30

Electric car maker Tesla's CEO Elon Musk tells New York Times that stress is taking a heavy toll, but he stands by his tweet on taking company private.

'We are being ripped off' - readers respond to car part prices in SA

2018-08-17 05:15

'There is zero difference between the two','South African vehicle owners are being exploited by biased trade policy', Readers respond to the state of car parts and servicing in SA.

SEE: Global petrol prices

The recent fuel hikes have been taxing on South African motorists as the price of petrol could reach R16/litre. We list some fuel prices globally.

Bavarian battle: BMW, Audi car sales in SA

07/03/2018 09:43 'They might be neighbours in Germany but they are bitter rivals here. Is the junior German luxury brand gaining on BMW in SA?' asks Lance Branquinho as he compares BMW and Audi's local sales.
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