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8 ways to make F1 races better

2014-05-14 13:06


CHANGE NEEDED IN F1: Wheels24 reader WESLEY CUPIDO shares his creative suggestions to improve F1.Image: AP

The powers that be have forgotten that Formula 1 is a sport. Bernie Ecclestone, is all about "new" markets that reward him handsomely for bringing the F1 circus to town.

The cars are engineering marvels, slashing fuel consumption by 30% in one year but at the cost of all out racing. The formula is so refined that, bar the nose treatment, the cars are too similar.


Up until the late 1990s, one could identify a car even on a black and white TV due to the varied designs - Ferrari had long sidepods, Benetton's raised nose, Williams with its distinctive engine cover etc.

My suggestions for F1:
1 Simplify the designs - single element front-wings and the same at the back.
2 Do away with DRS - fake overtaking as a result of over sensitive front-wings.
3 Mix-up the engines - small turbo engines vs. bigger normally aspirated engines. Let the teams decide.
4 Use weight or ballast systems based on success/results.
5 Reverse grid order with points for top five qualifiers starting at the rear.
6 Fewer driver aids - Make them earn their salaries!
7 Few tyre options - two dry and two wet.
8 Prize money paid per race - Like races in the USA, this will encourage wheel-to-wheel racing.

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