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6 tweets how Rosberg rained on Hamilton's parade

2015-10-26 15:12

PARTY POOPER: Nico Rosberg could not hide his feelings of sheer anger as Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning his third F1 title at the 2015 US GP. Image: AFP

Austin, Texas - You win some and then you lose some, horribly. Nico Rosberg had every reason to be infuriated at his loss at the 2015 United Stated Grand Prix on Sunday (October 25).

But did Rosberg's lack of sportsmanship was after race and on the podium, take the shine off Hamilton's third F1 title?

Angry isn't even the word for the situation as Rosberg led a thrilling race, but for some unexplained reason just ran wide with some wheelspin with only seven laps to go.

Rosberg literally handed Lewis Hamilton the race win and also the Briton's third Formula 1 championship title. 

Perhaps his actions were justified or was he just a really sore loser? Should he have behaved better?

Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24. 


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