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50 years of Volvo innovation

2014-04-24 13:32

THE BEGINNING: The Volvo Amazon - it had its debut in 1959 but only bowed out in the 1970's. Image: Volvo


Volvo has designed a light and inflatable rearward-facing child seat concept. What's more, the company is celebrating 50 years of child safety.

Ford is celebrating a half-century off the Mustang through 2014 but, on a quieter note, Volvo, a leader in car safety systems and for a while in fact owned by Ford, is also marking 50 years of production.

GALLERY: Volvo celebrates 50 years

Over the course of 50 years Volvo's Torslanda factory has produced more than 6.8-million cars for delivery around the world - many of them here in South Africa.

Models such as the Amazon, P1800 and 240 have become a part of Sweden's cultural heritage; the Volvo XC90 and Volvo S60 are set to do the same.

Come with Wheels24 for a look back over half a century...

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