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2014-04-07 13:57

KEEP YOUR COOL: Our top tips will keep you cool behind the wheel and ensure you arrive at your destination safely during the Easter holiday period. Image: TIGER WHEEL & TYRE

The Easter holiday in April, is when South Africans take to the roads en masse. With such a large volume of vehicles some drivers sadly succumb to road rage, with, all too often, deadly consequences.

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So, with all this extra volume on our roads, Tiger Wheel & Tyre is urging drivers to reclaim SA’s “easygoing and friendly” reputation with a ban on road rage.

Here are five tips to avoid bullying on the road:
1 It’s not personal so don’t make it so.
Most road rage incidents are less about the situation and more about whatever else is happening in the person’s life. Don’t fan the flames by reacting aggressively.

2 Leave early
Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to reach a destination, that way you won’t be prone to “fits of rage” if traffic is slow or somebody cuts you off.

3 Relax!
Take several deep breaths before reacting to a bad driver. Controlled breathing relaxes you, lowers your blood-pressure and leads to a rational decision.

4  Mind your manners.
Weaving between lanes, ‘racing’ fellow road users, rude gestures… these are aggressive behaviour that will spark rage in others. Avoid being on the receiving end of road rage by being courteous to fellow drivers.

5 Take responsibility for your actions
If you make a mistake, acknowledge it. It’s amazing how a simple ‘I’m sorry’ gesture can defuse situations. Be polite and uses your hazard lights.
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