48 hurled off truck in Pta crash

2013-04-11 10:37

Another incident of human life negligence has occurred in Pretoria: 48 people were hurled off the back of a truck when the vehicle crashed.


This incident gives Wheels24 another reason to continue to push for enforced legislation on carrying people in trucks and bakkies.

The 48 people, apparently painters, were injured when they were hurled from the back of a crashing truck in Pretoria on Wednesday (April 10, 2013).

Gauteng paramedics reported that the truck driver apparently lost control of the vehicle near an N14 off-ramp and collided with an Opel Corsa before rolling and both vehicles came to rest in the veld. Most of those flung out of the truck suffered only minor injuries,  seven moderate injuries.

Those sitting at the back of the truck were covered in silver paint.

The driver of the other vehicle was not injured in the crash and the cause of the collision will be investigated.


In South Africa you can be fined for having your elbow out a window when driving, yet it’s all right to have overloaded trucks and bakkies carrying unrestrained people, constantly putting human lives at risk.

During March 2013, four school children died in Libode, Eastern Cape when the driver of the bakkie in which they were travelling lost control. Nine other youngsters were injured.

This kind of incident is sadly the norm in SA and passengers should be just as guilty as the drivers for enabling this behaviour.

Watch the video

Wheels24 editor LES STEPHENSON video'd an overloaded bakkie travelling along the N7 on the West Coast earlier in 2013. The eight passengers in the load bay were oblivious to the implications should there have been a collision, nor were they too concerned about their safety.

If legislation can't be enforced, perhaps the ANC should offer a tax rebate for help companies buy safe transport for employees, as reader Ivan Van Niekerk suggested in a comment about the video.