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4 car ads you can't not watch!

2014-04-04 08:01

CHECKING OUT THE GOODS: A potential buyer of a new i10 gives a Hyundai salesman more than he bargained for in a hilarious ad. Image: Hyundai

LONDON, England  – Hyundai is delving into the minds of car-buyers with a series of humorous videos.

The videos, the second in a series comprising of four clips, were produced for
Hyundai by award-winning agency Red Bee.

IMAGE GALLERY: Hyundai car-buyers - Inner thoughts

Hyundai says: “The films are designed to explain key attributes of Hyundai’s latest product range in a fun and entertaining way – an innovative take on a traditional brochure format.

“In each the audience hears what a potential buyer is really thinking as a salesperson talks them through one of Hyundai’s models.”

The films, posted in April 2014, follow the journey of a ‘tries-too-hard-to-impress” father and son duo interested in purchasing a new ix35 (played by Bafta-nominated actor Neil Stuke and Elliot Speller-Gillott) and Kristin (Kimberley Nixon Fresh Meat) who falls for a cute i10… and the salesman.


Stuke commented: “It’s great to see a car company looking at innovative ways to engage potential buyers through entertainment. I’d seen the first of these films with Darren Boyd and Anna Crilly and thought they were great – really funny.

"I'm very pleased to have been involved.”

Writer and director Ollie Parsons explained: “We treated it like a sitcom, not an ad, writing and producing it as you would any other TV comedy. This isn’t only about making the audience laugh, it's also about engaging them quickly with the story and establishing the characters.”

Click on the links below to view the videos: The automaker’s blurbs and Wheels24's own synopsis below

1 Hyundai i10 - There is definitely an attraction here

"Love is a mystery, it doesn't follow the rules and neither does Kristin. She likes what she sees and she sees what she wants. So when she wants two things at once, will she get the New Generation i10 and the guy?"

W24: Cute stalker makes buying a car incredibly awkward.

2 Hyundai ix35 - Let's tussle

"For a father and son, buying a new Hyundai ix35 SUV is a rite of passage where tough friendships are formed but can be destroyed in an instant. Let's tussle."

W24: Dad's hopes to impress a car salesman ends in a concussion.

3 Hyundai Santa Fe - Feel Like a Man

"Take a tour of the Hyundai Santa Fe with one man's inner demons (starring Darren Boyd)."

W24: "...I say watching when I mean hysterically laughing at my inability to park into a massive space" Ha ha ha

4 Hyundai i30 - It's all About the Kids

"Take a tour of the Hyundai i30 and one woman's brain, starring Anna Crilly."

W24: Soccer-mom lovingly stroking the leather interior of an i30...

Gifs - Hyundai/Wheels24
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