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3 days of hell for crash victim Lamara

2015-07-10 09:34

THREE DAYS OF HELL: Lamara Bell lay critically injured in a car next to her boyfriend's body before police arrived. Image: Facebook

STIRLING, Scotland - A young woman spent three days next to a motorway in a crashed car with her boyfriend's body beside her.

Now Lamara Bell's father has accused police of ignoring the 25-year-old after officers admitted they had received a report of the crash on Sunday but failed to react.

The couple and their Renault Clio, police said, were found next to a motorway outside the the city of Stirling in central Scotland on Wednesday. John Yuill, 28, was pronounced dead at the scene; Bell is now in 'critical' condition in a hospital.


Lamara's father Ossie Dinnefash, according to British media, wrote in a message on Facebook: "Lamara was in a field for three days after the accident. She was on her way home. Because of some nice guy that phoned it in and was ignored by the incident room the messages were never passed on. Now my daughter is on life support."

Yuill's father Gordon told the Daily Record newspaper that his son could not have been saved but said the delay may have an impact on the Lamara's health. His injuries were such that he died on impact but I feel it may have made a difference for Lamara.

"My heart goes out to her family."

In the days before they were found the young couple had been reported missing.


Police are trying to find out why there was no reaction to the initial report of the crash. A statement read:

"It has come to light that a call was made to police late on Sunday morning regarding a car which was reported as being off the road. For reasons being investigated, that report was not followed up at the time."

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