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2013-03-07 09:44

The Porsche Boxster has been named 2013 South African Car of the Year, the first Porsche to win since the competition began in the 1980's.

The SA competition has for the past few years been based on the European Coty points-based scoring system but is unique in that each finalist, 12 vehicles in 2012, is also put through a series of tests at the Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility west of Pretoria.

The competition claims to reward automotive excellence and the winning vehicle must score highly in its own class, not against the other finalists.

A parallel Wheels24 Coty voting poll open to the public and eventually taking a total of 19 431 votes was won by the Ford Ranger.

Wheels24 reader DIRK VAN DER MERWE shares his thoughts...

The Porsche won? Ridiculous!
If they wanted to choose a sports car it should have been the Toyota 86. It’s at least something the average person can own and a lot of people really aspire to own. The 86 is an affordable, reliable and good-looking sports car.

The Porsche, however brilliant it may be, is just not a viable alternative for the AVERAGE GUY who wants something in the “sports car” class.

Just look at dealer network, price and schlep to have it serviced etc. If you do not live in one of the big cities, the Porsche is simply out of your reach. Yes I know both have service plans but these do not continue for the life of the vehicle.

The Porsche is simply not a car that will sell more than the Toyota 86, for obvious reasons.

SA Coty has got it wrong. They are not supposed to look at top technologies at all cost. They must look at the best technology available to the average South African. Some years in the past they (Coty) got it right and some years slightly wrong.

In 2013 however they got it so wrong that I cannot see that anyone will trust their judgement again. The focus simply cannot be around what 5% of the population wants.

The focus has to be on the average South African and what they aspire to. They should look through the eyes of the average South African. Just compare Coty’s results with that of the Wheels24 Readers COTY results and it will be clear how far they got it wrong.
Please bring in different classes for the Coty awards. Maybe it will then start to make sense again.

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  • Maarten Slabbert - 2013-03-07 10:30

    Pathetic. Once again the big money has bought the votes. Why not save some time and just have the manufacturers bid outright for your votes?

  • Christie Lombard - 2013-03-07 10:43

    It is a conspiracy :-) Toyota does not want their Hilux to be dethroned as the South African be and end all of bakkies...with such a big bang as the COTY...can you imagine ? Can you imagine a SA car journalist voting a bakkie as a better vehicle over a car....

      Kkrutch - 2013-03-07 11:18

      The Ford Ranger was a finalist, a few did vote for it. But at nearly half a million rand, also out of reach of most.

      Thando Gqabaza - 2013-03-08 13:21

      Why would Toyota push for their arch rival VW to win COTY ( VW owns Porsche )

      vickers.vermeulen - 2013-03-10 20:51

      Christie this is the CAR of the year competition. Bakkies and SUV's never do very well in this as many of the judges feel that they do not belong in this competition and should have their own separate award. The Amarok, Sportage and IX35 is just a few examples from recent years.

  • John Turner - 2013-03-07 11:11

    A car of the year must be something we can afford not a car we can only buy when we win the Lotto

      Shoosh Yu Tu - 2013-03-07 15:26

      like a Tata ma chance perhaps or a Chana for your Cherry?

  • Michael Alhadeff - 2013-03-07 11:15

    Great Choice! Well done COTY 2013! Showing that you have what it takes to recognize an engineering marvel for its true abilities and brilliant design! A car that is affordable does not make it car of the year! A budget car does not automatically qualify for car of the year. It does not have to be a car that everyone drives either. The Porsche is a real sports car and an engineering master piece with excellent handling ability and sports car performance. The COTY awards obviously recognizes this. The Toyota 86 is not a true sports car. Its performance figures simply don't qualify! Maybe in 1986, they would! There are many hatch and sedan vehicles on the road that are not sports cars that will outrun the Toyota 86 easily. Some may argue that, this is not a sports car award, and that is true. But what the Porsche Boxster achieves here, is best in the what it is aiming for. eg. the Boxster is better at being a sports car than what the Mercedes C-class is at being a compact executive.

      Philip Higgo - 2013-03-08 01:33

      Very nearly 100 % right Michael. The Toyota 86 did not get it because, measured in its class it (relative good value as it may be), it falls short in a number of areas relevant to its class. The complete lack of insight of such a large percentage of commenters as to the relevant criteria of COTY is nothing short of amazing - please read the criteria people! And the criteria is, like it or not, correct (otherwise we may as well just give the award to the most popular/cheapest/best seller - or a bakkie (to please those ostensibly using the big open spaces..) or the smallest car (to please the city dwellers)...To be CAR of the year it has to be measured - as to a wide range of aspects - comparative to all competitors in its class. And go and read the authorative overseas publications - the 981 Boxster is a deserved winner.I really did not think that the SAGMJ would have the balls to award it accordingly - so, even though I have felt that they have often got it wrong in the past, hats off to them! 0 0 Reply to Philip Higgo | 0 comments (hide) | Delete

      Greg Quinn - 2013-03-08 12:36

      Well said Michael, I had the opportunity to drive one of these new Boxster S's and while it is a bit pricey, it absolutely blew me away, along with every other car in the segment.

      Thando Gqabaza - 2013-03-08 13:23

      "There are many hatch and sedan vehicles on the road that are not sports cars that will outrun the Toyota 86 easily" ... so a sports car is only measured in a straight line ? Because by that measure , there are many cars that are faster than a Boxster at a lower price.

      Greg Quinn - 2013-03-09 15:22

      @Thando The new Boxster S is 12 seconds faster around Nurburgring than it's predecessor. Please do name one single vehicle cheaper than the new Boxster S that will beat it around a race track... With it's mid-mounted engine even the old Boxster models gave some of the more pricer sports cars their run for their money.

      LiveYourOwnLife - 2013-03-09 16:31

      The Porsche won because it was the best. This is not about what cars the most affordable it's about what car is the best, that horrible Toyota 86 can't even begin to be compared to the Porsche.

      Ben Visagie - 2013-03-13 17:27

      Agree with you, I were priviliged enough to spent a morning at Kyalami in the new Boxter and it is an amazing sports car. I am the owner of an 86 it is not close to the car thats promised by motoring journalists due to poor performance, poor overtaking, high road noise, bad in cross winds,poor sound system.

  • Matt Black - 2013-03-07 11:24

    A TopCar journalist said that COTY is to award "pushing the boundries." Ferrari 458 did in 2009 what the Boxster is doing now but that didn't win. He said "It was not put forward to the press for evaluation." I read that as "We didn't get free stuff so we didn't bother."

  • Sheda Habib - 2013-03-07 13:25

    Was there not controversy around thugs gangsters and guys from Porsche murdered in SA a while back. Maybe the journos are running scared. Or have they learned from their Metro cop buddies that there are many ways to skin a cat.

      Emma Boesak - 2013-03-08 13:36

      It was not a Porsche official but a private tuner of Porsche cars, Uwe Gemballa.

  • Philip Higgo - 2013-03-08 01:40

    (To the original author) Feel free to create an `Average Car of the Year for Average People`award. This is COTY - read and try and understand the relevant criteria...

      jango.za - 2013-03-08 10:35

      Agreed. Far too many pot-plants on this forum!

      Greg Quinn - 2013-03-08 12:36


  • Suren Ramayerser - 2013-03-08 10:00

    shame on BOXSTER ????????

  • SirFGrumpy - 2013-03-08 13:50

    A total embarrassment. The people involved should all be hung, drawn and quartered for total stupidity.

      Phoenixx - 2013-03-08 15:39

      Oh please. For once they selected a brilliant car and not some knock-down Asian death-trap. Maybe they are not the stupid ones?

  • Kwashic - 2013-03-08 20:58

    the best car should probably be the one that has shaken up its segment the most, offering the most for least withing its segment, and giving buyers almost no option but to buy it because its just too good a deal to pass up. Wait and see the comparative tests... will the porsche shock buyers in its class into buying it rather than other supercars? I think the Ford Ranger has achieved that....being a game changer. so much more for so much less. Boxster Vs M3?

  • jango.za - 2013-03-09 16:16

    Nice change. Tired of entry-level turbo-diesel trollies, about as inspiring as a hot-chocolate in Summer, to keep winning. This is refreshingly different. I cannot see the issues of affordability, and man-in-the-street access. Those should not be the point. Review the car for its intentions and design purpose; stack up it's market-vertical criteria; and determine how the entrant meets those expectations. If the Boxster meets it's market-vertical criteria better than a Ford Ranger meets it's specific criteria benchmarks, then the Porsche deserves to win. This is NOT about comparing one vehicle vs. another, or about price tags, or about who in the street can afford one. Those are typical market-criteria for a Hyundai i10, by example. If the little Hyundai meets those criteria better than the next car meets it's own, which could be a Merc S class, then by all means - the Hyundai deserves to win. Seriously, this is not difficult to understand, simply way too many potplants walking around. Well done to Porsche, clearly, their model representative is master class against what it was designed to be. Every other point raised by the potplant brigade - is completely mute!

  • Jason - 2013-03-09 23:12

    Without clearly defined categories, a Car of the Year Award is entirely meaningless.

  • Tim Paine - 2013-03-11 13:14

    ah, well then. That's a decision made for me. I'm off tomorrow to flog the house and trade in our 8 year old Opel Corsa Lite for a Boxter. OK. so I now only rarely put the Opel onto the streets thanks to the latest unwarranted and unjustifiable hike in the price of petrol. Still, it will make a wonderful home for our Bassets. What planet are the COTY panel living on??

  • Sean Hearder - 2013-03-13 12:52

    I am sorry but I have to laugh at those making arguments about cars with "I had the opportunity to drive..." WTF? THE OPPORTUNITY?? How do you argue about how good a car is without actually owning it for a least a couple of months?? Personally I don't like Porsche BUT I have like SOME Porsches in the past. I just could not tell you how great they are and I wouldn't endorse them simply because i "had the opportunity..." :) BMW, Merc, Subaru, Audi, Honda (Accordx2 and CRVx1), Ford etc... THAT i can tell you. Not because "i once had the opportunity..." P-off about how great your buddies car is or the one parked at Sandton city LOL BUT I would certainly agree based on the fact that It has MANY years of enjoyment in the market and on the track. NOIT because I once drove 2 of them.

  • Ben Visagie - 2013-03-13 17:14

    Ja, I can only agree with some comments, must say its a better result than sharing the price, it is not boring as we know now which is COTY. And in its category it is the best by far. Maybe the other cars like the Ranger and Hyndai nominations are comparably not as good...... I am for one very happy as motoring is not about what the masses can afford (they also cant afford a Ranger), but what we aspire to and what we dream of... and then one day we may be able to owe noe, isnt that what dreasm are all about.

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