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10-place penalty for Vergne's lost wheel

2014-05-10 12:04


10-PLACE PENALTY FOR VERGNE: Tory Rosso Formula 1 driver Jean-Eric Vergne's car shed a rear wheel during 2014 Spanish GP practice - and earned a 10-place penalty for Sunday's grid. Image: AFP / Chai Hin

BARCELONA, Spain - French Formula 1 driver Jean-Eric Vergne was given a 10-place grid penalty and his Toro Rosso team a €30 000 fine because a rear wheel came off his car during 2014 Spanish GP practice.

Stewards said Friday's Turn 1 incident during the afternoon session at the Catalunya circuit was considered "a significant breach of the safety requirements".

They also asked the governing International Automobile Federation safety delegate to ensure the Toro Rosso cars complied with technical regulations before Saturday's third session.


Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo was handed a 10-place penalty at April's 2014 Bahrain GP after his car shed its front left wheel after a pit stop during the March race in Malaysia.

Toro Rosso is seventh in the Constructors' standings with eight points from five races.

Vergne, whose team mate is Russian rookie Daniil Kvyat, has scored half of the points.

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