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2016-10-18 09:08

Janine Van der Post

'AWESOME CAR, JUST NOT FOR ME': Candice Krieger is a huge Audi fan but says she wouldn't purchase the automaker's new R8. Image: Andre Davids

Cape Town - Audi's second-generation R8 supercar arrived in South Africa earlier in 2016.

Stylish design, blistering performance, latest tech... who wouldn't want to get behind the wheel of Audi's beastly Audi R8?

While it's a treat to drive, these two petrolheads wouldn't spend R3-million on it.

Audi fans

Candice Krieger, 24.com's online product manager, gets to work in style; her daily drive is an Audi SQ5. Considering the vehicles she's owned, stating that she is a fan of German automakers is an understatement.

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post thought Krieger, a fellow petrolhead, would enjoy a ride in the new Audi R8 V10 Plus, yep, just like the one Olympic star Wayde Van Niekerk has acquired.

Van der Post has been eager to get behind the wheel of the new R8, having driving the previous models when it first launched in SA.

She said: "It's one super hot car and it's as exhilarating to drive. The sheer feel of the throttle beneath your foot, just wanting to push it as far in the corner as possible and hear that blip of the engine gearing up or down. And when you do get a chance to push it, the adrenaline is seductive.

"But, I do wish this model was available with a manual gearbox. The thing I remember most about the previous model is that 'double-H' gearstick housing that made a 'kachink-kachink' sound every time you changed gears on that metal stick. It gave the car a raw feel, this car is very much refined. It's not a bad thing, and it sure makes the R8 a whole lot easier to drive."

Krieger has been dreaming about driving the new sexy, supercar for quite some time but after spending a short stint in the latest R8, her views are not what she expected...

Wheels24: 1. What makes you an Audi fan? What do you think of your SQ5?

CK: I’ve owned my SQ5 for the last two years, and not once have I had a problem with it. What I love about my car is the sheer luxury of it. Audi interiors are known for quality - not a rattle on the dashboard and seamless user experience. Exterior styling has always been a bit conservative, but the SQ5 can really look aggressive with the front grille and xenon lights.

I love the fact that the SQ5 offers me the versatility of a SUV and sportiness and speed when I want it.

2. What do you think of the R8’s design and interior?

CK: I love the sporty, aggressive exterior. Inside, it’s incredibly minimalistic, which is expected from a supercar.

The dials behind the gear lever are a bit difficult to reach. The interior is definitely high-quality - which is what you expect of an Audi.

3. What do you think of the exhaust sound?

CK: Oooh, I love that roar! I’d leave it on the 'loud' exhaust-setting found on the steering wheel, all the time...

4. What about the drive quality?

CK: Definitely not a car you would want to drive every day although at low speeds it’s incredibly smooth and strangely didn’t beg to be driven faster. When planting your foot on the accelerator, you definitely felt the power - but it was more refined than what I had expected, I was hoping for something ‘raw’.

It's also not very comfortable over bumps and on hills - it almost felt as if the car was struggling to cope with steep inclines at lower speeds.

WATCH: When Candice Krieger meets the new Audi R8

5. If you had R3-million to spare, would you consider purchasing an R8?

CK: Initially I thought I would but after the driving experience, it kind of left me wanting a bit more, so I wouldn’t spend that much on the car. I would want something with more oomph and more of a ‘driver’s’ car as opposed to a refined experience.

6. Erm, which car would you spurge on then?

CK: It would have to be a Porsche. I love the GT4 or even a 911...

7. Since the R8 doesn't suffice, what made you choose the SQ5 as a daily drive?

CK: The SQ5 ticked every box that I wanted in a car. It's an SUV I could use on holidays as our family car, perfect size for a family of four, and also offered me a sporty, and fast driving experience.

It’s also relatively fuel efficient and has some street cred even though I have two car seats in the back!

8. What does your husband drive? What are some the cars in your garage?

CK: Day-to-day he drives a Corsa Ecoflex though in the garage is an BMW M3 (E92).

9. What changed your mind about the R8?

I built it up in my head and felt a tad let down when driving in it. This is from a pure personal perspective though. I think it does appeal to a segment of the market wanting a supercar that also offers a level of comfort driving.

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