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WATCH | These are some of the best little city cars in the world

2020-06-13 07:00

Image: Kia Motors SA

The city car segment is jam-packed with high-quality models from some of the biggest manufacturers who still see the worth in small and efficient models.

Packed with a small but punchy engine that boasts great fuel-economy and not looking half bad either, it is the perfect choice for those wanting to get from A to B while still enjoying the functionality that comes with a modern city car.

Bread and butter

South Africans love their bakkies and compact SUVs, but when you look at how many compact city cars still fill the road, they also have a real love for the not-so-big versions. It shows the market is still very much on the up with a vast variety to choose from.

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Suzuki is one brand that has made itself a front-runner in the city car segment with its wide range of affordable and fuel-efficient models. The likes of Hyundai, Kia, VW and Renault all have popular examples of their own and bring in healthy sales every month as per Naamsa.

Some of the vehicles in the video above is not available in South Africa, but we do have many other options such as Suzuki's new S-Presso (also the most affordable car locally), the Renault Kwid which hits huge numbers every month, and also the popular Datsun Go. 

                                                                   Image: Volkswagen

You can call them the bread and butter brigade because of the amount of sales they bring in, which in turn mitigates a dip in sales of other models that perhaps don't rake in the numbers for a brand.

Decisions, decisions

Perhaps the toughest part is choosing which one to buy. Maybe one has a feature you're looking for but is a bit pricier than the one that fits your needs and budget to a tee.

Small city cars are still very much lucrative for automakers and will still be around for a long time.

Compiled by: Robin Classen

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