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WATCH | Mercedes-AMG unleashes its Project One prototype with all 735kW for track test

2020-08-19 12:15
Mercedes-AMG ONE

Mercedes-AMG ONE Prototype (NewsPress)

Mercedes-AMG has said that the development of its Project ONE hypercar is entering a new phase. With several test units doing the rounds at the company's private test track, development has now shifted to testing the comprehensively electrified and highly complex hybrid power unit with its full output of more than 735kW.

Mercedes-AMG says that while they are focusing on the power unit, testing the car's aerodynamics has to run in tandem. The automaker says that it is examining the interplay between the various active components such as the louvres and air outlets on the fenders. All this to deliver the best possible lateral dynamics.

The automaker says: "The objective of reaching a new dimension of driving dynamics and performance for a road-going vehicle with the Project ONE and thereby setting a new milestone in automotive history is thus gradually drawing closer for Mercedes-AMG."

The Project ONE's drive unit has been adopted from the team's Formula 1 car, but it was not easy doing so for a hypercar with road approval. Some of the biggest challenges, says Mercedes, was to adapt the car for everyday performance and for it to drive in all-electric mode. Mercedes-AMG will soon venture to the Nürburgring for the next phase of the Project ONE's extensive test program.

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Compiled by: Charlen Raymond


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